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7 Tips to Survive Your Lost Job

Tips to survive a lost job
Tips to survive a lost job

The dreaded lost job and when it happens to you. Employer layoffs happen. It is just a part of life now. The traditional loyalty between employees and employers has changed from what it once was. Especially in large companies and tech companies, layoffs occur.

When the worst happens for your career, how do you get through it? Having dealt with this myself, the below are ideas that help you to deal, and to thrive from a lost job situation.

Boost your profiles after the lost job

This is a perfect time to make sure your online profiles are up to date. Make sure that experience and achievements are listed out. Add detail about what you have done and what your successes were. If you are not using online job boards and profiles, you would be surprised how much email and phone calls you can receive from recruiters and potential employers.

Expand your connections or re-connect after the lost job

Along with updating online profiles, make sure you keep connections updated. Search for past connections to make sure you add them. Keep current connections up to date. Expanding your network expands your reach and is one of the fastest ways to find a new position.

Tackle a new skill after a lost job

You know those skills and practices that come along and you want to learn, except you never have time. Prioritize them and take some of them on. This is a great time to learn something new. Learning new skills helps you to grow. It also helps you to be more marketable to potential employers. Marketability is the name of the game in job hunting. One small thing to set you apart from others can be the difference between getting the job and not. Or the difference between getting an interview, and at least a chance to sell yourself, vs an early rejection.

Read up on those books you haven’t had time for

Another item that always falls by the wayside as we get busy. Reading is one of the best ways to set the mind to other things. Things besides work and the daily grind. Reading takes you to new places, both in the imagination, but also in the things you can learn. So take the time to read. It is an opportunity to read books that have been sitting on the bookshelf. Sometimes for longer than we would care to admit.

Tackle some of the projects around the house

If looking to feel productive, there are also projects around the house. Take on some improvements or fixes that need to be done. If like me, there are always things needing done. This time is an opportunity to catch off. Maybe even take on some projects that make life easier once back into the daily grind. Things that can help with maintenance and cleaning around the house. Or just things that will save you time in the future. Always a good idea to consider now that you have some time.

Try to enjoy the break from a lost job

This item is not about being productive. Often we think we need to be doing something. We think we need to be working. Or we need to be getting things done at home. Well, sometimes a layoff is a great time to have some downtime. To rest and relax. Allowing yourself to get back to neutral. Such that when a new opportunity comes along, you will be ready to go.

Maybe instead of worrying about landing the next job. Take a little time to binge watch a show. Relax and catch a few movies. Get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors. Things to get out of work mode are very helpful. I really can’t stress this enough. Because they get your mind away from work and allow you to recover from the daily grind. Enabling you to be productive when you get back to work.

Remember that you will get thru this lost job

More so than taking on any activities, this is a reminder to help keep the mindset in a positive place. In a layoff, you can feel a bit aimless. Like you are lacking purpose. It is important to remember this is a temporary situation. It is a common situation. Most importantly, you will get through it and come out the other side.

Take these tips and apply to your situation

Everybody has a difference situation, but these are ideas I think can apply to everyone. For myself, I used all of these to some extent. In the end, I believe I came out of this time in a better mindset and ready to get back to work.

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