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Affiliate Link Policy

Some of the articles, posts, and pages on Agile Rant contain links to products available from external retail websites. These links may contain codes that let these retail sites know that Agile Rant referred you. Should you choose to purchase the product. Agile Rant may receive a small percentage on that sale. This is an affiliate selling program. The largest percentage of Agile Rant’s operating expenses are paid for from affiliate link commissions. It is greatly appreciated!

Agile Rant always applies the same evaluation, critical thinking, due diligence and honesty to articles and links to these products as we do to our own content. It is our opinion that it is all content on the Agile Rant platform, and all must represent Agile Rant to the required level of quality. Our articles, posts and pages are not altered in any way because of this program. Agile Rant simply aims to provide high value information at all times. Whether that is via detailed information and descriptions that can be used by you. Or by linking to high quality and relevant items that can be used by you.

As always, thank you