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Agile Rant Documents

Agile Rant documents to help with Agile process, software development, user story refinement, and more. The documentation here is down and dirty and kept minimal by design. The documents are to be lightweight so that they can be taken and modified as needed. We do not load up the documentation with extra and keep it to the information needed for the task at hand.

Agile Rant Documents for Grooming Questions

Here is a document for user story grooming and refinement. Helpful questions to expand on the knowledge and information of the user story, helping to prompt and dig to more detailed information. The questions will help find previously unknown information, spur conversation, and help build shared team understanding of the user story.

Agile Rant – Agile Audit

Here is a document for an assessed value of a team’s Agile fundamentals and practice. This is entirely subjective! However, the questions are based on years of Agile team and software development experience, to dig into practices of the team. It is a measure of how often certain processes and practices occur. Within the questions, there is implied connection to certain Agile values and the more often things happen, the more “Agile” the team is.