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Home Security and Peace of Mind – Yi Smart Dome Camera

Home security & peace of mind with the Yi camera.
Home security and peace of mind from the Yi 1080p home camera. Great for home security and peace of mind. Don’t forget pet monitoring.

The Yi Smart Dome security camera is a great camera, especially for the price. Home security and peace of mind are easy to get, set up, and manage with this Yi wifi camera. We use multiple of these Yi cameras at home. Some of this model and a few of the older models.

The app makes it super easy to access to check in on things around the house. This 1080p home camera has great quality video, plus a host of other features. Check out more specs, details, and my takes on this home security camera below. I feel this is the best video surveillance for the home you can get for the price.

Here is the Yi home security camera you need, on Amazon

  • key specs
  • 1080p wifi internet camera
  • customizable alerts
  • sound and motion sensing
  • lens closure when turned off
  • 340 degree rotation and 95 degree tilt
  • gaining home security and peace of mind is never easier
  • great image quality and infrared night video
  • micro SSD supported up to 128GB
  • time lapse video
  • internet of things smart camera
  • wireless IP camera

Home security and peace of mind for a low price

I especially like the low cost of these cameras. They are better than cctv at a low price. Surveillance security for your home, for only $20 to $50 per camera. They have multiple models, any home monitoring camera to suit your needs. Yi offers a cloud storage service to store footage from the cameras for a monthly cost. Or, you can purchase micro SSD memory cards to expand the storage of the camera. The Yi cloud subscription for the camera monitoring service to store video longer is not expensive. I just find that my setup meets the needs and think it would for most people also.

Yi home smart camera options do include indoor outdoor cameras, though all of ours are indoor cameras. We have some cameras set up to check outdoor thru a window and they work great that way. Depending on lighting. Our setup with the indoor cameras works great as a wireless home monitoring system. Check out the Yi wifi camera on Amazon below.

Checking in on pets

We have a couple of cameras set up so that we can see what the dog is up to. Just in case we are not home and either want to see our dog or want to make sure he isn’t up to no good. This Yi smart camera makes internet monitoring super easy. Because it’s an IOT based smart camera. Personally, I set this up with memory cards for no monthly cost. The camera software can automatically get rid of old files for newer file storage. I find that my setup with memory cards stores everything for as long as I need it to. I don’t even have large memory cards.

Personally, I use and love this camera

I personally have this Yi camera and love it. So I wrote this review in case anyone is on the fence or wanted additional information. This HD security camera will meet your needs. Great video, easy-to-use app, and can link multiple of these in the app. So you can set up coverage over your house as needed.

Home security and peace of mind are just part of what this camera gets you. Of course, if using my links to Amazon, I will get a small referral. I believe in transparency on this and must call it out. But I would not recommend this product if I did not think it was the best choice.

Our Reviews

Additional info on the Yi camera:

  • Has night vision functionality
  • Part of a home security system
  • Motion-detection capable
  • Great security camera system
  • Wireless security camera that doesn’t break the bank
  • Day-night camera
  • Home surveillance for a low cost
  • So easy to set up
  • Microsd card
  • Wireless camera
  • Security systems for video monitoring
  • Home security cameras
  • Zoom capable
  • Works great as a baby monitor
  • Remotely monitor things around the house or office with this video-camera
  • Day-and-night monitoring
  • Wireless home security at an affordable price
  • Motion triggered recording and configurations
  • Home security and peace of mind with a wifi network camera
  • As good as the Nest cam for a lower price
  • Good field-of-view
  • Two-way audio ability
  • Make your home a smart-home
  • Remote viewing over the web
  • Hd camera
  • Motion-sensor to capture just activity
  • Night vision camera
  • Keep an eye out on the house without paying too much
  • App can use push notifications of activity
  • Works over wi-fi
  • Video quality is good in low-light
  • Comes with power adapter
  • Expandable over time so you can add more cameras later
  • HD 1080p
  • Plug and play for easy setup
  • Camera systems are a norm and this one is easy to use
  • Best security for a low cost I can find
  • Surveillance camera for the home

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