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Energy Efficient Warmth With Dr Infrared 1500 Watt Heaters

energy efficient warmth with Dr Infrared
Energy efficient warmth with the Dr Infrared electric heater at 1500 wattage. Easy to use and safe!

The Dr Infrared heater, at 1500 watts, powerful and efficient. Energy efficient warmth in an everyday room heater. A great option for some space heating or additional heating to supplement the furnace. It’s an infrared type of heater. We have had multiple infrared heaters over the years and this one now for 2 + years.

It continues to help add some extra warmth in the winter months. In other months, if just needing a little heat in a room it will take care of that and then the furnace doesn’t even need to run. If needing a portable, moveable heater, this is a great option for a room heater under 200. I would say it’s a great option for a room heater under 1000! Available on Amazon via my links below.

Get the Dr Infrared heater!

  • Capable of heating small and medium rooms with ease (great for small-space or small rooms)
  • Multiple heating modes to stay warmer
  • Automatic 12 hours shut off timer
  • Very quiet personal heater
  • Runs from front panel or remote control
  • Built in adjustable thermostat
  • Runs off 12.5 amps and 120 volts
  • Digital display
  • High and low heat modes to keep you in the comfort-zone
  • Energy saving home heating (high efficiency heating system)
  • Stable on casters for easy moving and doesn’t tip-over
  • Great for electric space heaters
  • Keep thermostats in the home down when you heat where you are at
  • Distributes heat evenly

Energy efficient warmth and safe

This everyday room heater is a safe option. Using infrared is one of the safer alternatives for some extra heat, from an electric heater. This is the room heater 1500 watt version. We use this room heater for the winter season and use every day. It works as a local room heater in our living room. Heating that space nicely.

Using as supplemental heat, to warm that room and not have to turn up the whole house heat, allows us to save energy and money. We stay nice and toasty where we hang out the most. Its is a simple room heater, very easy to use. Also it’s a cheap to run heater for the home. Heats and warms very well for the size of it.

In my opinion, one of the best infrared heaters you can find! Compared to a lot out there it’s a very good price too. If you need an electric room air heater, maybe consider the Dr Infrared. Allows you to stay warmer, just where you need it, with targeted room heating.

I personally use this heater

I personally have this space heater and love it. So I wrote this review in case anyone is on the fence of what is the best heater to give a try. Of course, if using my links here to Amazon, I will get a small referral. I believe in transparency on this and must call it out. But I would not recommend this product if I did not think it was a good option and the best choice for a safe room heater.

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Additional info on energy efficient warmth and the Dr Infrared Heater

  • Protected from overheating
  • Puts out good BTUs
  • Electric heaters to supplement your whole house heat
  • Portable heater for extra warmth
  • Quartz heater
  • Digital thermostat is easy to use
  • Warm your personal-space easily
  • Electric space heater
  • Room heaters
  • Cool-touch on the front for safety
  • Great room heat-source
  • Great safety features,
  • Quartz heating element
  • Great room heater for extra warmth
  • Portable space heater that easily moves to where you need it
  • Easy to warm up
  • Best space heater
  • Thermostat control heating systems
  • Efficient heating where you want it
  • Temp shows clearly on the front digital display
  • Quiet when plugged in and running
  • Comfortable leaving unattended

I like infrared heaters as I believe they put out good heat and are energy efficient. For more info about how they work, check out How Infrared Heaters Work.